Engineering and crisis management
Compiled by Mesbah Sayebani, Saeed Dehsh, Abbas Badkoubeh
Price: 100,000  Rials
Algebraic equations
Compiled by Marzieh Ghaedi, Mostafa Zahid Jahromi
Price: 50,000  Rials
New Method of Setting up Conflicting Faces of Two-way Accounting
Author: Jamal al-Din Rasekhi
Price: 70,000  Rials
Mineral Applications (Vol. 1 & 2)
Written by Samad Banisi
Price: 120,000  Rials
Integrated Watershed Management
Written by H. M. Gergersen, Peter F. Folliott, Kenneth N. Brooks Translation by Ahmad Novhegar, Elias Parvaresh, Hossein Parvaresh
Price: 70,000  Rials
Engineering Geology (Two Volume Series)
Author Perry H. Rahn Translation by Seyyed Mahmoud Fatemi Agdallah, Peyman Rezaie, Mohammad Noorizadeh
Price: 65,000  Rials

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